A long time ago at the Employment Agency. The lady who is supposed to help me find a new job reacts passive-aggressive to everything I ask or say. She’s grumbling about the forms that are filled out wrong by me. After asking what’s wrong, she’s jelling: “Nothing!”

Okay, she seems to have a bad day and I try to keep calm and maneuver through this appointment as smoothly and quickly as possible. However, she is complaining about anything and everything with no particular reason.

At one point she is indicating that people like me are not willing to work and wanting to be a valuable part of society anyways. My impression is that “people like me” means jobless immigrants. I let her talk without saying anything. After she got her poison out of her system, I comment: “You know, if “people like me” wouldn’t exist, your job wouldn’t exist either. Why can’t you be happy about having a career and providing for yourself?”

She avoids saying anything unnecessary for the rest of the appointment and finally does her job and provides the service needed.

© Serap Yıldırım / 2020

Image: Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

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