A dear friend of mine tells the story when he started as a judge back in the seventies.

A man was arrested by two policemen. Now he was in court and it was up to the judge to sentence this criminal. My friend asked the policemen the reason for the arrest and found out that the person had only a “suspicious behavior”.  

My friend decided that the man may leave without any charges against him.   

A faint murmur went through the courtroom. Not only the police were amazed. They asked my friend, why he set this criminal free.

“He didn’t do anything!” my friend replied.

The court usher spoke softly, but loud enough for everyone to hear: „And a new era begins!“

„Now, what was the crime?“ I asked. „And what kind of new era?“

„They had arrested the man because of his skin color. He had done nothing. They brought him in and there wasn’t even a misdemeanor.”

„Why did the police do that?”

„The previous judge was known to jail people for their skin color. No other reason was needed.”

The court usher was also a man of color. He witnessed over and over again how the legal system was abused.

„You made friends and enemies on your very first day?” I ask my friend with a smile.

„I just administered justice where injustice was done” he replied.

© Serap Yıldırım / 2020

Image: Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

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